Solitary Focus on Fashion

April 1998


Solitary Focus on Fashion

Emphasize the new look of the diamond solitaire necklace, but don't forget the power of emotion

If you see more diamond solitaire necklaces on the pages of consumer magazines than you see leaving the store with your customers, it may be time to take a strut down the fashion catwalk, according to the Diamond Promotion Service of New York City.

That's not to say you need be 6 feet 2 inches tall and pole-thin, rather that you should sell diamond solitaire necklaces much differently than you sell your bridal diamond jewelry. "One key selling strategy that is unique to the diamond solitaire necklace is fashion," says Diane Warga-Arias, director of education for DPS. "While the design of a diamond engagement ring can be important, fashionability is not proven to be a significant factor for driving up engagement ring sales."

This is a major message in the new diamond solitaire necklace education package DPS introduced at the JCK International Jewelry Show in Orlando this year. The full training program for managers and sales associates includes a leader's guide, seminar workbooks, self-study books, skill practice cards for role-playing and a video to reinforce strategies at the end of training.

Some suggestions from the package:

  • Emphasize fashion, but also stress the emotional investment of diamond jewelry as a gift. These factors combined make the diamond solitaire necklace a unique product category.
  • Use emotion to make the sale. Sales associates must learn what's important to the male and the female involved in the purchase and how to "decode" the signals couples send to each other when they are shopping.
  • Help male gift-givers understand the diamond solitaire necklace is "what she wants," but also convince women they do in fact want it. Show pictures in fashion magazines to reinforce the necklace's compatibility with current style.
  • Understand the female self-purchase customer, a perfect candidate for diamond solitaire necklaces. "Communicate the way the necklace becomes part of her when she wears it close to her face," says Warga-Arias. "It makes a statement about who the woman is."
  • You can invest money in product and promotion, but you have to train salespeople to push the diamond solitaire necklace. "Sales associates become the filter through which customers will hear and understand the importance of the diamond solitaire necklace," says Warga-Arias.

Diamond Promotion Service, 466 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10017; (800) 370-6789, fax (212) 210-8779.

by Stacey King

Copyright © 1998 by Bond Communications.


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