Silver Spring

April 1998


Silver Spring

From diminutive to bold, silver continues to charm women, while men just gotta have cuff links. Sterling shines around the house too

Trend watchers expect another strong year for silver, though recent fluctuations in the metal's price could change that outlook quickly. Still, the price of silver is far lower than that of gold or platinum, so prospects are bright for this most affordable of precious metals. Cash in on the interest in silver by offering a variety of silver jewelry styles, from the delicate looks popular now to the bigger, bolder pieces predicted to return to favor in the fall.

by Lorraine M. Suermann
and Peggy Jo Donahue

Mirror-finish cuff bracelet.

Roberto Martinez Inc., Los Angeles, CA; (213) 489-7444, fax (213) 627-6831.


Silver hoop earrings with gold accents.

Lagos, Philadelphia, PA; (215) 925-1693.


Large Delta necklace with citrine pendant has 18k yellow gold appliqués.

John Atencio Designer/Fine Jewelry, Denver, CO; (303) 830-7733, fax (303) 830-0891.

Feminine Mystique

Pretty and feminine describe the silver trends this spring, says the Silver Information Center, New York City. Many smaller and lighter looks will endure, especially if silver prices stay high. Nevertheless, statement-making pieces in neckwear, bangles, belts and rings persist in the high-fashion marketplace.

Small hoop earrings are ideal for retailers trying to stock lighter merchandise. With or without drop pendants, they are less expensive and have loads of style.

Neckware ranges from collars to drop pendants to open lightweight chains holding multiple charms and rings.

The cuff bangle in varying thicknesses continues to appeal. Designers accessorize them with gold and silver for a fresh look.

Silver rings continue to entrance younger women as they mix and match styles to suit their moods. This is a great entry-level purchase for women shopping in jewelry stores for the first time. Stock a variety and advertise it.


Cuff bracelets.

Sunwest Silver, Albuquerque, NM; (800) 771-3781 or (505) 243-3781, fax (505) 843-6183.

Silver mesh cuff bracelets come in three widths and have diamond, colored gemstone and 14k/18k gold accents. Keystone, $1,400 to $2,400. From the Haggai Collection.

Goldarama Co., New York City; (212) 730-7299, fax (212) 730-0288.

Filigree hoop earrings.

Beaucraft, Providence, RI; (800) 227-2305 or (401) 461-2305, fax (401) 461-7799.


Silver and ametrine pendants.

Cynthia Renée, Fallbrook, CA; (760) 728-5150.


 Satin-finish sterling and 14k cable bracelets with diamond and colored gemstone accents are from the Satinato collection. Suggested retail, $775-$2,400. Coordinating earrings and rings are available.

Alisa Designs, Manalapan, NJ; (888) 253-6600.



Bands are engraved with designs and poetic messages by designers.

First and third rings by Tina Segal, Dobbs Ferry, NY, (914) 693-7700; second ring by Carolee, Greenwich, CT, (203) 629-1139; fourth and sixth rings by Meryl Waitz Inc., New York,NY; (212) 675-7224; and fifth ring by Jane Bohan, New York, NY; (212) 226-7629.

Men in Silver

Sterling silver for men is gathering momentum. Most important are cuff links, especially as gifts for ushers at weddings. And don't forget the growing number of men who express their sense of fashion and their individuality on their sleeves. "Cuff links are the fastest-growing collectible in the country," says Eugene R. Klompus, president of the National Cuff Link Society, Vernon Hills, IL.

Sterling silver cuff links feature 14k yellow gold accents.

Leonore Doskow Inc., Montrose, NY; (800) 431-2302 or (914) 737-1335, fax (914) 737-5049.


Sterling silver stud and cuff link set features champagne bottle motif with gold accents. Miniature ice bucket with champagne bottle and ice is solid brass with a quartz movement clock.

Dolan & Bullock and Linden Clock, Providence, RI; (800) 556-7354.

Caring for Sterling Jewelry

  • Store each piece individually.
  • Remove tarnish with paste, liquid polish or treated polishing cloths.
  • In a pinch, wash it with hot water and a little soap or toothpaste, rinse and dry with a soft cloth.
  • Wear it. The more it's worn, the less care or cleaning sterling silver jewelry needs.

Home Again Silver

The return of cocktail culture, martini parties and more entertaining in the home has spurred growth in silver home accessories ... bar and hors d'oeuvre accessories are in demand ... even brides are registering for bar accessories.

Pair an Hor d'oeuvre server, fork and pick from Trudy Borenstein-Sugiura, Princeton, NJ: (609)683-7831 with a serving tray from Lunt Silversmiths, Greenfield, MA; (413) 774-2774. Put together a martini shaker and stackable shot glasses from the John Hardy Collection, New York, NY; (800) 2J-HARDY with coaster and long bar spoon by Georg Jensen, New York, NY; (212)685-9060. Add an olive pic from Kinetyk, New York, NY; (212) 741-5026 for a finishing touch.

 Call it Collectible

From belt buckles to reproduction antique boxes, call it collectible and it sells, say silver manufacturers.

Now anyone interested in high-end silver collectibles can attend a seminar on silver jewelry from the 19th and 20th centuries. Author Christie Romeo will present the seminar April 25-26 at the Institute for the Study of Antiques and Collectibles in Emmaus, PA. Call (610) 965-1122.

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