Seven Rules for Renovating

April 1998


Seven Rules for Renovating

Make the most of sprucing up

Renovation can mean a fresh start for your store: a chance to correct old mistakes and forge a new identity. Make the most of your opportunity by following these tips from Nina Monastero, principal of Design Continuum, West Newton, MA, culled from an article in Visual Merchandising & Store Design.

  1. 1. Don't overbuild. It can alienate your loyal customers and take attention away from the merchandise.
  2. 2. Before you tear down, examine fixtures, carpet and furniture for clues to help you improve your store's layout. If a fixture is covered with scrapes from people navigating around it, for example, you might want to relocate it when you renovate.
  3. 3. Consider refinishing fixtures rather than buying new ones. If your old fixtures aren't outdated, you may be able to adapt them to your new decor. You can save money by putting new fixtures in feature areas and using the old ones elsewhere.
  4. 4. Bone up on recent developments in lighting. The past decade has brought major changes in technology, so your current equipment may not be the most economical or effective.
  5. 5. Use your renovation to strengthen your store's identity. You can incorporate your store's logo or signature color scheme in myriad ways – from floor coverings to walls to storefront signs.
  6. 6. Budget 10% for unforeseen problems.
  7. 7. Don't forget about hidden expenses such as building permits, extra security during after-hours renovation work, relocation of phone cables, landlord charge-backs for utility connections and temporary signs.

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