On-Track Lighting

August 1998


On-Track Lighting

Want to socket to the competition? Follow this bright advice

Effective lighting is a "silent salesperson," showing products at their most enticing. If you have any doubt, writes Michelle Morin in a recent issue of Visual Merchandising and Store Designmagazine, just consider how jewelry that looks drab under cool white fluorescents gets new life under high-quality halogen lamps. Here are some lighting tips from Morin, application marketing manager for retail at Philips Lighting Co., Somerset, NJ:

  • Your windows need to be dramatic to draw people into the store, so a high-contrast ratio between the windows and the rest of your store is a must. Keep costs down by focusing the lights directly on an item and decreasing the light surrounding it.
  • Don't go overboard with accent lighting. If you highlight everything, you highlight nothing. Limit dramatic accents to a few important areas. You'll need at least a 5:1 ratio for a noticeable contrast.
  • Use directed light to draw customers to the back of the store, the end of an aisle or an important display. It can act as a beacon, directing traffic to the desired location.
  • Be diligent about replacing burnt-out lamps and just as diligent in seeing that new ones are positioned correctly – pointing at the merchandise, not the floor.
  • Minimize reflections on showcases by lighting them more brightly inside than outside.
  • Keep flexibility in mind when you choose your lighting system. You should be able to adjust your lights as you change your displays.

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