Open To Buy? Products and Ideas for Metalsmiths

August 1998

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Open To Buy?
Products and Ideas for Metalsmiths

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Laser Welding

New spin on traditional technique

One of the most talked-about welding techniques these days involves lasers. A laser machine was demonstrated earlier this year at Touch the Future, the interactive learning station program presented by the JCK International Jewelry Show in Orlando.

Laser welding is the ability to join metal using amplified light, as presenters Henry Barney and Patrick Doran, B&D Sales Corp., Cranston, RI, demonstrated. This wave length of light is concentrated, adjusted and controlled by the metalsmith, much as he or she controls the flame of a soldering torch.

But laser welding can be faster, cleaner and more cost-effective than using a soldering torch, say Barney and Doran. That's especially true when the age of the piece, delicacy of stones or spring mechanism doesn't allow for normal welding without taking apart the jewelry. All traditional jewelry metals can be laser-welded.

If you do any casting or need to repair cast pieces, laser welding can fix porosity, a major problem in the casting process. If you assemble jewelry, laser welding can assist with bracelet pinning and other such assembly operations.

For more information, contact B&D Sales Corp., Cranston, RI; (401) 781-4810.

New to Metalsmithing?

Are you new to the metalsmithing field? There's a magazine and organization you should know about. The Society of North American Goldsmiths – widely known by its acronym SNAG – holds an annual conference and produces a five-times-yearly magazine called Metalsmith. The magazine is filled with information designed for the working metalsmith. For more information about both, contact Bob Mitchell, SNAG, 5009 Londonderry Drive, Tampa, FL 33647; (813) 977-5326, fax (813) 977-8462.

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