Brand New Identity

December 1998

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Brand New Identity

As an Italian gold manufacturer opens a marketing office for North America, it hopes to build name recognition by educating retailers

Many gold jewelry manufacturers create brand identities through consumer advertising. Tecnigold, however, has opened a U.S. office that's gambling on another route – educating retailers who will then promote its brand name to the public.

Tecnigold hopes to achieve its goal by funneling education and marketing information to its network of wholesalers, says Richard Weisenfeld, managing director of the Vicenza, Italy, company's office in New York City. It doesn't mean the retailer is not an important part of the company's long-term marketing strategy, however.

Specifically, the New York City office will gather information on domestic consumers and work with wholesalers to create marketing and promotion strategies. The wholesalers will teach these strategies to retailers. Then, says Weisenfeld, retailers will be prepared to sell more Tecnigold jewelry and begin to promote brand recognition of Tecnigold's name as a mark of quality.

Among the promotional efforts under development are wholesaler/retailer co-op advertising programs. Tecnigold's U.S. office also launched a study of trends in the retail gold jewelry business throughout North America to determine which products, styles, packaging, displays, merchandising and promotion materials retailers want most. The study looks at such things as the potential value of various advertising campaigns, warranty programs and service and support policies. This information will help the company design and produce what retailers need and want, says Weisenfeld.

New Chain Style
Meanwhile, Tecnigold is promoting its "Gentle Curb" chain. The company uses an exclusive technology to produce an extremely strong karat-gold curb chain that weighs 35% less than other karat-gold curb chain of comparable size and wire diameter.

"Gentle Curb" is hallmarked by Tecnigold in addition to the Emagold symbol (Emagold is a European gold jewelry manufacturers' association that uses an independent lab to certify gold manufacturing facilities and conduct spot checks of jewelry to ensure products contain the gold content stamped on them).

Gentle Curb chain is available in any karatage, in yellow and white gold and various styles. Suggested retail range is $50 to $500.

Tecnigold, New York City, (212) 286-0991.

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