February 1998

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De Beers promotions will stay on the same track for 1998. Why? They work

Diamond jewelry sales rose for the fifth consecutive year in 1996, according to De Beers research, and first-half results for '97 were solid. During the past holiday season, jewelers reported the bezel-set diamond solitaire necklace was an increasingly requested item. Most significantly, 63% of women surveyed this past year said they wanted to receive diamond jewelry as a gift - and 69% of the male respondents planned to give it.

These glowing results set the stage for this year's marketing and promotions planned by J. Walter Thompson, the advertising agency whose divisions handle all advertising (Diamond Advertising Group), public relations (Diamond Information Center), market research (Diamond Marketing Group) and retailer support (Diamond Promotion Service) for De Beers. Except for a few new initiatives, the plan will strengthen consumer familiarity with the De Beers diamond brand by building on existing campaigns.


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Consumer magazine print advertising will expand with a series focusing on two age and income groups for solitaire bridal rings and a series featuring studs and solitaire necklaces.

New this year: The ads will focus on the product with a partial, out-of-focus face or body in the background; featured products will include partial- and full-bezel settings and princess and oval cuts as well as round brilliants; ads include real-size carat diagrams in 1/4-ct., 1/2-ct., 3/4-ct. and 1-ct. sizes for more accurate decision-making.


The Tube

The TV campaign will continue with the popular "Shadows" theme. Continuing spots are "Beach" for the engagement ring, "Garden" for the 10th anniversary, "Heaven" for the "later married" ( a category formerly known as 25th anniversary ) and "Lobby" for diamond jewelry in general.

New this year: "Boxes" ran during the '97 holiday season, positioning the diamond solitaire necklace as "exactly what she wants." The announcer read the name "De Beers" at the end of the commercial for the first time, promoting brand recognition in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the slogan "A diamond is forever." The music by the London Philharmonic Strings is getting its own salute. Available on compact disc as "Diamond Music" from Sony Classics, the Diamond Promotion Service plugged it as a promotion idea for retailers.


The 'Net

Diamond Information Center gears the information on its Web site (www.adiamondisforever.com) toward men researching a diamond purchase. The site explains cuts, the 4Cs, diamond care and diamond's tradition as a gift. A "What's New" section looks at diamond headlines.

New: Banner ads on other sites.



DIC continues its advance on the media, determined to send a diamond solitaire necklace to every celebrity who makes an appearance at an event or on-screen. Last year's campaign got necklaces on practically the entire sitcom line-up on NBC, on Oprah Winfrey herself and at countless star-studded events where the necklaces were captured on film. "The Nature of Diamonds" exhibit in New York City also won diamonds a segment on NBC's "Today" show in November.

The Diamond Quality Pyramid is part of a continuing campaign to promote better-quality diamonds.


Behind the Counters

At press time DPS finished mailing 3,000 Diamond Quality Pyramids, part of a program launched in June to help retailers promote trade-ups. The program includes seminars and self-study workbooks for sales associates, videos, posters, practice cards and consumer brochures. DPS continues to offer other support material, including booklets, ad slicks, displays, and signs.

New this year: "Facets" newsletter (formerly "Diamond News"), bows this spring and will be distributed quarterly to give retailers sales ideas, promotion information and statistics.

– by Stacey King

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