February 1998




Choose colors carefully when remodeling your store or revamping packaging - they convey more than words ever could


Color is a persuasive factor in how consumers perceive companies. "In a landmark 1995 decision, the Supreme Court deemed color such a potent brand identifier that a particular shade alone can serve as a legally defensible trademark," according to Marketing Tools magazine.

Up to 60% of a customer's first impression of a new product or display comes from its color, B.J. Eichhorn, president of BJ's Lifecode Merchandising in Mission Hills, KS, tells Marketing Tools. Lifecode Merchandising is an exterior/interior design consulting company that advises companies on gearing their colors and other design elements to their particular geographic and demographic markets.

These days, blue is the favorite color of Americans, favored by 35% of the population, according to a Roper/Pantone Consumer Preference Study cited in the magazine. Next comes green, named by 16% of respondents. Shades of purple got 10% of Americans' votes and red, 9%.

"That does not mean that everyone should dye their packaging and products blue," Marketing Tools warns. "Color marketing is not that simple. One color can send different messages to different groups of people." For example, Caucasians select red as the color that best conveys a sense of power. For African Americans, however, the power color is black, and for Hispanics, it's bright blue.

This raises an interesting question about color preferences in future generations. Children love neon colors, the brighter the better, and their preference may be strengthened by their exposure to the eye-popping shades they see on their computer monitors, the magazine points out. Will the computer revolution bring a color shift toward ever more vibrant hues? And what will that mean for Tiffany blue?

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