Walk with the Animals


July 1998

Precious Metals:New Products

Walk with the Animals

Animal lovers of all stripes can demonstrate their affections with jewelry depicting animals in their natural habitats

Imagine wild animals loping across a vast African desert under a hot sun. Picture the confusing chase of horses, hounds and prey through the woods on a very British fox hunt. Or think about that canine or feline pet in its natural habitat – even if that habitat is a soft blanket in front of a toasty fire.

You and your customers can carry these thoughts with you thanks to the imagination of designers and full-line manufacturers that offer precious-metal interpretations of the animal kingdom.

– by Lorraine M. Suermann


Lugosch Designs' 14k gold cat heart pendant could be for the feline lover in your customer's life, purrhaps? Also available in sterling silver, as a pin or earrings. Suggested retail prices start at $143 in 14k gold, $45 in sterling silver.
Lugosch Designs, Round Pond, ME; (800) 299-7734, fax (207) 529-7000.

R&M Richter features enamel stripes on this prowling tiger pin. Suggested retail,$550.
R&M Richter, New York, NY; (800) 327-6689 or (212) 840-0558.

It's a jungle out there so why not wear one on your wrist. In this 14k gold bracelet you will find a zebra, leopard, elephant, lion and grazing giraffe. Suggested retail, $1,950.
D. Paglia & Son Inc., Mountainside, NJ; (800) 372-4542 or (908) 654-5999, fax (908) 654-5553.

Onofrio D. Oro depicts animals basking in the hot African sun on this 18k gold bangle. Suggested retail, $2,000.
Onofrio D. Oro, New York, NY; (212) 768-1395, fax (212) 843-0601.

HMS Fine Jewelry offers 14k fancy hinged animal bangles.
HMS Fine Jewelry, Dallas, TX; (800) HMS-GOLD or (972) 458-9571, fax (972) 450-4445.

The dachshund was bred in Germany over 100 years ago to hunt badgers, but this 14k gold cutie comes from New York City and has a suggested retail price of $292.
MGM Jewelry Manufacturers Inc., New York, NY; (800) 334-6164 or (212) 819-0160, fax (212) 302-6220.


Poliggio Jewelry Co. uses the Victorian craft of reverse intaglio in this 14k fox hunt bracelet. Each crystal is meticulously carved, each portrait is handpainted. More than 50 breeds of dogs are available, plus floral, nautical, big game, bird and sea-life motifs.
The Poliggio Jewelry Co., a division of Wave Corp., Media, PA; (800) 400-1107 or www.poliggio.com.



Used in foresting or as trained performers, the elephant is not only the largest animal but is highly intelligent and can communicate by using infrasonic frequencies (inaudible to humans). This elephant caravan bracelet is made of 14k yellow and pink gold and is designed by C.R. Buck. Suggested retail, $535.
Mercedes J. Franklin, Southport, FL; (904) 265-6274.

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