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June 1998

June Feature

Gold The New Classics

Many hot styles have become classics in record time - giving your customers the wider choice they love

Jewelers live in fear of the next Y necklace while yearning for new classics such as the hinged hoop earring. The good news in gold jewelry styling is there are many more new classics than dated fads.

That's the opinion of Christine Yorke, formerly product director for the World Gold Council and an astute observer of the gold jewelry market.

In fact, many of the hot gold jewelry styles of the past few years - including ancient-inspired, nature motifs and hinged hoop earrings - have become a permanent part of the fashion vocabulary, says Yorke.

Like the variety of hemlines and pant widths now acceptable in apparel, a wider variety of styles and colors of gold jewelry is seen as a positive expression of women's ability to be arbiters of their own taste.

People in the trade may be growing tired of the matte finishes ushered in during the ancient-inspired craze or the flower, leaf, bird and bee motifs triggered by big New York City retailers such as Asprey and Tiffany & Co. But these styles continue to attract women and generate sales - and that's what counts on your side of the sales counter.

Sleek and shiny electroformed designs, reinterpreted hinged hoop earrings with a 3/4 hoop on a post (a hinged hoop look at half the price) and dangles on a button earring also continue to sell, says Yorke. So do rings twisted à la Mobius strip, neckwires, round omegas and small pendants dangling from tiny chains. Boring? No more so than the classic suit and the little black dress. Just as apparel designers reinterpret these popular styles, jewelry designers put new spins on the classics, sometimes just by using increasingly popular white gold.

Rather than worry about women having all the jewelry they need because more styles are becoming classics, Yorke thinks the growing gold jewelry style vocabulary is a boon for jewelers. It helps to broaden assortments beyond four or five over-exposed styles and gives women the wider choice they love. "Jewelers no longer have to carry just the basics that everyone expects to see," says Yorke. "There are lots of different looks and lots of selection as new styles are added into the mix."

by Peggy Jo Donahue and Lorraine Suermann

Onofrio D. Oro's 18k stone finish leaf earrings feature 0.42 carat of diamond accents.
Onofrio D. Oro, New York, NY; (212) 768-1395, fax (212) 843-0601.

From Kimberlee Teti's Abstract Flower collection comes this 18k gold cuff combining satin and shiny textures.
Kimberlee Teti, St. Davids, PA; (610) 688-8828.

Makur Designs Inc. offers the Enchantment Collection of rings and necklaces in 14k green and white gold with diamond accents.
Makur Designs Inc., New York, NY; (212) 730-8696, fax (212) 730-8786.

From Jamms Inc.'s K2 Collection, this 14k white gold Amore bangle is also available in platinum. Suggested retail, $2,495.
Jamms Inc., New York, NY; (212) 564-5211, fax (212) 564-2968.

South Dakota Gold's Wish Rings pendants are available in Black Hills Gold or 14k. Each pendant sports seven gold rings along with other motifs. They move freely and represent a legend that grants the wearer a wish for every day of the week. Suggested retail, $50.
South Dakota Gold, Cincinnati, OH; (800) 541-4610 or (513) 563-4008, fax (513) 563-9790.

Oro International's 14k 7-in. brick bracelet shows high detail in a simple fluid design. Suggested retail, $700.
Oro International Inc., Chicago, IL; (312) 641-0091, fax (312) 641-5480.








Royal Chain's florentine and shiny graduated 17-in. omega is $830 suggested retail.
Royal Chain Inc., New York, NY; (800) 622-0960 or (212) 382-3340, fax (212) 730-7616.

E.S.L. Jewelers weaves three colors of gold in this handmade wedding band. Available in 14k, 18k or platinum.
E.S.L. Jewelers Inc., Miami, FL; (800) 255-3755.

Bikakis & Johns Goldsmiths offers a 22k and 18k gold necklace featuring a Greek coin from the 4th century B.C. depicting the face of the nymph Larissa. The chain is a style popular during Roman times. Suggested retail, $10,500.
Bikakis & Johns Goldsmiths, New York, NY; (212)505-3051, fax (212) 260-1777.

Landstrom's tricolored 10k gold heart earrings and pendant each hold a diamond accent.
Landstrom's, Rapid City, SD; (800) 843-0009 or (605) 343-0157, fax (605) 343-4683.

GJ Designs offers 14k earrings that form to the ear to give a balanced look from the front and side. Suggested retail $1,015.
GJ Designs Inc., Sarasota, FL; (941) 951-6658.

Michael Anthony's 14k white gold ring illustrates a variation of the Mobius strip (a flat strip that is twisted in a single motion, then attached to itself at the ends).
Michael Anthony Jewelers, Mt. Vernon, NY; (800) 966-8800 or (914) 699-0000, fax (914) 699-9869.

Linea Aurea's handwoven 18k green and white gold "Chubby" chain demonstrates a unique use of high-karat gold. Suggested retail, $990.
Linea Aurea, New York, NY; (212) 944-6161, fax (212) 944-7190.

Christian Bauer offers pure gold rings that are wearable and durable because of special processing and finishes. Suggested price range, $800-$1,680.
Christian Bauer, Melbourne, FL; (800) BAUER-CH.

Sonali's ball and bead hoop earrings are handcrafted in 22k gold.
Sonali, Carlsbad, CA; (800) 6-SONALI or (760) 438-5909, fax (760) 438-8201.

Gold Force International offers 14k half hoop earrings with satin and diamond-cut finishes.
Gold Force International Ltd., New York, NY; (212) 696-9393, fax (212) 696-9414.


Fedra International's 14k yellow and white gold pins have diamond and colored gem accents and distinct finishes.
Fedra International, Rehoboth, MA; (800) 50-FEDRA or (508) 252-8000, fax (508) 252-4650.

Goldarama Inc.'s 18k gold bangles are $600-$800 suggested retail. Matching pins are $360-$420. Also available in white gold.
Haggai Collection, a division of Goldarama Inc., New York, NY; (212) 730-7299, fax (212) 730-0288.

Garden Jewelry's 14k two-tone intertwining bangle is $330 keystone.
Garden Jewelry, New York, NY; (800) 321-0259 or (212) 421-7700, fax (212) 421-7813.

Parrisian Wheat chain is available in 1.0-2.0mm widths in all standard lengths with lobster claw clasps.
Adrienne Designs Inc., Santa Ana, CA; (800) 621-5632.


14k Victorian Gate bracelets from Esslinger & Co. are $248-$578 suggested retail.
Esslinger & Co., St. Paul, MN; (800) 328-0205 or (612) 452-7180.


HMS offers 14k gold round omega with the look and versatility of a wire.
HMS, Dallas, TX; (800) HMS-GOLD or (972) 458-9571, fax (972) 450-4445.

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