Union Do's

November 1998


Union Do's

A marriage manual for good relations with your ad agency

Your relationship with your ad agency should generate great campaigns, not gruesome conflicts. To see that it does, here's some advice from Marketing Newsmagazine:

  • Write a statement of objectives so both parties have a record of what's expected.
  • Specify a budget and timeline.
  • Designate someone in your operation to approve the agency's work. This will eliminate mixed signals and save you time and money. Also designate an understudy for that person – someone authorized to approve the work if the first designee is unavailable.
  • Keep records of your meetings and phone conversations with your agency and circulate them to everyone on your staff involved with the project. This eliminates the "No one told me about it" syndrome.
  • Resolve problems or misunderstandings immediately through a meeting or conference call.
  • Meet regularly with your agency. Though face-to-face meetings are more trouble than conference calls, they're important in establishing and maintaining good rapport.
  • Evaluate your relationship with your agency at regular, predetermined intervals. If it's strained and inefficient, you don't want the problems to fester.
  • Know when to divorce your agency. Not all marriages can be saved. If there's a deep-seated problem – the agency doesn't think the account is profitable enough, for example – it's best to untie the knot.




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