Un-Natural Inclusions, Naturally

October 1998

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Un-Natural Inclusions, Naturally

Gemstones boast customized inclusions

Most people try to find ways to take inclusions out of gemstones. Brian Cook, a gem inclusion enthusiast, can put them in. Cook, who owns Nature's Geometry in Graton, CA, "includes" other minerals and metals in a host gem in a new product he trademarked Amphoragems(tm).

Inclusion Insertion
Cook drills a passageway into clear quartz, polishes the interior of the tunnel and inserts the "inclusions" of choice, usually other gem crystals.

In the next step, Cook pours a viscous liquid (which he declines to identify) into the tunnel and then corks the whole thing with another gemstone. This second gem is glued in place and then polished flush with the surface of the quartz to create one smooth, unbroken line.

The finished creations are drilled so they can be worn as a pendant. Amphoragems sell for $200 to $1,000 retail, depending on the host gemstone and the types of inclusions.

Production Under Way
Cook will put almost any "inclusion" a customer wants in these assembled gems – as long as it's natural.

Orders are already placed and his cutting factory is ready for production. "I've made up some really beautiful pieces containing Paraíba tourmalines, ruby crystals or small cultured pearls combined with gold nuggets," he says. "One woman even asked me to put in her child's tooth, which she now displays around her neck as a conversation piece." Because it is a natural object, the tooth qualified to be used as an "inclusion."

The name of the product comes from amphorae – ancient Greek and Mediterranean urns which were used to transport essential oils. The concept of Amphoragems is derived from another Nature's Geometry product: Aromagems, in which the drilled passageways are filled with oils and fragrances.

This quartz Amphoragem features spessartite garnet crystals, Navajo chrome garnet crystals and gold nuggets. The long golden needles are naturally occurring rutile inclusions.

Nature's Geometry, Graton, CA; (707) 829-0799.

– by Robert Weldon, G.G.



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