Lapidary Delights

October 1998

Gemstones & Pearls:New Products

Lapidary Delights

Gem cutters strut their stuff using a palette of colors and lots of imagination

Extraordinary gemstones, exemplary cuts – it's a recipe for success at the sales counter. Jewelry reflecting the artistry of lapidaries and the craftsmanship of metalsmiths lifts a store above the drone of mass market and less-savvy competitors. Whether asymmetrical for the customer who wants "something different" or more traditional for the more conservative, a brilliantly cut gem that seems to burst from its setting gives your customers something to love.

– by Lorraine M. Suermann

A 9.92-ct. Mexican fire opal carved by Sherris Cottier Shank of Gemscape perches high on an 18k gold stickpin in the center of this 18k gold brooch designed and woven by Barbara Berk. Suggested retail, $3,100.
Barbara Berk Designs, Foster City, CA; (650) 349-4137, fax (650) 349-4042.

14k gold pendants embrace triskelion-cut Pakistani peridot and citrine. Suggested retail, $2,450 (peridot) and $2,120 (citrine).
Kim Koch Designs, Mequon, WI; (414) 241-8244, fax (414) 241-1360.

 Red wine garnets totaling 8.27 carats are fused in 18k gold. Each stone is multichanneled, so shadings embrace gleaming highlights and subtle undertones. A rim of diamonds totaling 7.21 carats surrounds the garnets. This ring is from the Kaleidoscope Collection and is $2,497.50, suggested retail.
A. LeVian, New York City; (800) 239-9224, fax (212) 944-7734.

Neatly arranged in an 11.51-ct. carved amethyst vase are three flowers created with Mexican fire opals and diamonds set in 18k gold. Keystone, $12,000.
William Chalson & Co., New York City; (800) 223-2363 or (212) 719-2827, fax (212) 354-6438.

18k gold snakes its way around a 42-ct. tourmaline from Afghanistan in this brooch by Remmy Jewellery. Color-change garnets totaling 0.80 carat accent the leaves like dew drops, while a 1.50-ct. sapphire nestles at the base of the stem.
Remmy Jewellery Co. LLC, Deira, Dubai, UAE; (971-4) 291-181, fax (971-4) 291-161.

The art of carving makes it possible to add lifelike animals to your jewelry wardrobe. The stone chosen imitates the animal's fur, the facial features are enhanced with inlaid onyx and jasper and the painted crystal eyes watch your every move.
Hans Ulrich Pauly, The Art of Carving, Idar-Oberstein, Germany; (49-67) 81-34-18, fax (49-67) 3-19-44, e-mail

18k gold pendants are from Treasure Boxes Collection. The top pendant contains a round green tourmaline cabochon, a triangular pink tourmaline, a triangular tanzanite and 36 round diamonds. The pendant to the right contains three round yellow sapphires, one square green tourmaline, one square pink tourmaline, one shield-cut green tourmaline, one shield-cut pink tourmaline and 36 round diamonds. The bottom left pendant contains a round pink tourmaline cabochon, one triangular amethyst, one triangular green tourmaline and 27 round diamonds.
Burdett A. Milkins, Monroe, MI; (734) 242-1023, fax (734) 242-1155.
 17.20-ct. ametrine carved by Bernd Munsteiner is surrounded by 18k yellow gold and crowned with diamonds set in 18k white gold. Suggested retail, $5,000.
JFA Designs, Irvine, CA; (714) 263-9909.





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