Saving Face

October 1998


Saving Face

Rule No. 1 in designing an ad – get the type right

Designing an ad or other promotion piece is like planning a menu – the elements should cohere, not clash. Bear in mind a few rules of typeface, or font, selection culled from Dynamic Graphicsmagazine.

  • Different typefaces speak with different voices. Script sets an elegant tone, for example, while a bold sans serif font sends a no-nonsense message (serifs are the fine lines that finish off the main strokes of a letter).
  • Typefaces with "strong personalities" shouldn't be mixed. If your headline font is very distinctive or bold, choose a more subdued face for the body text.
  • Combining a serif headline typeface with a sans serif text typeface, or vice versa, can help you achieve a balanced look. But remember that a large amount of san serif type is hard to read.
  • Don't use headline and text typefaces that are similar but not identical. They'll look mismatched, like a suit made of two slightly different shades of fabric. Instead, aim for contrast by choosing distinctly different fonts. If you want the same typeface for the headline and text, use a bolder version of the typeface for the former and a lighter for the latter.




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