Phenomenal Synthetic

April 1999


Phenomenal Synthetic

Gems with phenomena, such as alexandrite and garnet, exhibit different colors under different lighting conditions. A synthetic diamond has joined the color-change corps

When seen under incandescent light, some synthetic diamonds from Ultimate Created Diamonds, Boulder, CO, appear to be a different color than when they are seen in daylight.

Created Diamonds recently submitted one of these alexandrite-like diamonds (with color change visible in incandescent and daylight) to the Gemological Institute of America for study. This product, still grown experimentally, is a true collector's item – color-change diamonds are not known to exist in nature. This gem was shown for the first time at the Tucson gem and mineral shows in February, and Ultimate Created Diamonds President Alex Grizenko expects to market more of them in the future. The "alexandrite effect" should not be confused with "chameleon" diamonds whose color change is temporarily induced by heat and is caused by different chemical and optical characteristics.

This new synthetic variety owes its phenomena to the same optical properties that allow viewers to see color changes in alexandrites and certain garnets and sapphires, says Ilene Reinitz, a scientist at the GIA-Gem Trade Laboratory in New York City. Because of the unique selective absorption of these synthetic diamonds, greenish yellow is evident in the face- up position in daylight, and yellowish orange is visible in incandescent light. For more information about these color-change diamonds, contact Alex Grizenko at Ultimate Created Diamond Co., Golden, CO; (303) 526-0221, fa: (303) 526-0763.

This color-change synthetic diamond is a collector's stone because there is no equivalent in nature. Above is the diamond as it appears in incandescent light; below is the daylight equivalent. Please note the color change could not be reproduced on film. GIA's Gem Trade Laboratory obtained the Munsell color coordinates for the diamond and supplied Professional Jeweler with information about the colors observed. The photos were retouched to show the observed color change. Synthetic diamond courtesy of Ultimate Created Diamonds, Boulder, CO.

– by Robert Weldon, G.G.

Copyright © 1999 by Bond Communications.


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