Emotional Overload

April 1999

For Your Staff:Selling Romance

Emotional Overload

Another sales associate takes the customer from the technical frying pan into the romantic fire

By Christine Anzell & Jack Levenson

Last month, sales associate Technical Terry all but drove customer Nineties Nancy out of the store with an onslaught of unsolicited information. Fortunately, Terry knows to bring in help rather than let a customer walk – Romantic Ronnie has been called in to save the day.

Ronnie greets Nancy warmly. "Hello, dear. Terry tells me you're looking at a solitaire pendant. I'm so happy for you," Ronnie says. "Are you treating yourself or is someone buying this for you?"

"I'm treating myself," Nancy explains. "I work hard and decided it's time to reward myself with something I've wanted for a long time."

"Oh, I 100% agree, honey. When I started here in 1954, it was unheard of for a woman to buy something like this for herself. Here. Try this on. Oh, my God! I need a moment. It's too beautiful. You must have this pendant, dear; it's you," Ronnie gushes.

"It is gorgeous," Nancy agrees. "How much does the diamond weigh?"

"I don't know, honey: 1.02, 1.07, what's the difference? What's important is what the girls in your office will say when they see it for the first time. What's important is how you feel every time you wear it. This pendant will make you feel like a queen. Look at how well it rests against your neck; it was made for you."

"It does sparkle a lot." But Nancy needs some information. "Why is it that some of these diamonds sparkle more than others?"

"I'm not sure, dear. I guess it's the way they cut 'em. Anyway, can you envision the reaction you're going to get the first time you wear this? It truly is magnificent."

"It really does have a lot of fire in it," says Nancy. "I've seen stories on TV about treated diamonds lately. Has this diamond been artificially enhanced in any way? I understand that brings down the value." Nancy has done her homework.

And Ronnie seems to be failing the test. "Oh, those reporters always have to have something to scare people and get ratings. Anyway, have you thought about a matching pair of earrings? I have a pair here that would work perfectly with the pendant."

Nancy is reaching her gush limit and wants hard information. "Ronnie, it's a pretty pendant. It's also a lot of money. Does it come with an appraisal? What happens if I have it appraised somewhere else and they tell me it's not worth what I paid? What is it that determines the value of these things?"

Ronnie tries to steer the conversation away from details. "Trust me, honey. Look at how many rings I have on. You think I don't know jewelry? This diamond will attract all the attention you're looking for. It will look as good with a suit as it will with a cocktail dress. And when your little girl is old enough to wear it, it will look beautiful on her too. Every time she wears it, she'll think of her beautiful mother. That's diamonds; they last forever. I've seen jewelry come in here for repair that's on its fifth generation. Now try on these earrings."

Too much for Nancy. "I'm really not prepared to buy earrings today. But I notice the diamonds in these earrings look more brown than the diamond in the pendant. Why is that?"

Ronnie has a ready answer, but it may not be the right one. "Earrings are hidden under your hair so you don't need as good a quality as in a pendant."

"Ronnie, you're very sweet. But this is a big decision for me and there are some questions I'd like to have answered before I make such an important investment. Is there someone else I can talk to?"

"Sure, dear. Let me see if Bobby, our manager, is available to help you."

To be continued.

Christine Anzell and Jack Levenson have spent a combined half-century in fine jewelry retail. For information about their copyright jewelry-specificClient Record Keeping Book orSales Training Manual, call them at (800) 887-8902.

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