It's About Time. It's About Opportunity. It's About Forever

April 1999


It's About Time. It's About Opportunity. It's About Forever

Now's the time to plan how to take advantage of millennium fever

by Diane Warga-Arias

The countdown to 2000 has begun! Everywhere you look, from newspaper reports to the countdown timer at the Post Office, millennium excitement is under way. People are approaching the turn of the century with a mixture of excitement and hope, skepticism and wonder. There's a wish to study the past and predict the future. In the midst of this growing excitement, you'll discover commemorative merchandise ranging from champagne flutes to furs, limited-edition cigars to cars. As 1999 continues, look for millennium tags to add cachet (and a price premium) to many more products and services around the world. What one product has the image, the symbolism, the status to truly commemorate the millennium? Diamonds. What other product can match diamond's mystery, its timelessness or its romantic possibilities? What else can more perfectly capture a couple's hopes for the future?

It's Never Too Soon
Now is the time to select which products to feature – whether from the millennium collections that diamond jewelry manufacturers are introducing this spring or from your own designs; to decide on a marketing theme to unite your advertising, public relations and consumer communications; and to educate your staff. To get you started, here are four sure-fire ways to capitalize on the millennium. Customize them to fit your staff, space and situation.

  1. Countdown. Create a countdown calendar showing time remaining until Jan. 1, 2000; post it in a conspicuous place.
  2. Collect, collect, collect. Begin "tuning-in" your staff to the millennium by collecting ads, newspaper articles, product sheets and more. Post them on a bulletin board or make a collage to get your staff excited about the millennium.
  3. Catch diamond fever. As you collect millennium messages, you'll find it easy to describe why diamond is the enduring symbol of romance and the passing of time. It's the perfect time to offer training to maximize sales of better-quality diamonds. The opportunity to use the millennium to trade up customers to substantial diamonds has never been greater.
  4. Get customers ready. Tell customers you're putting together a program for the millennium. "It's still a secret, but we'd like to let you know as soon as we announce it," tell them, and add their names, addresses and diamond preferences to your database. The millennium offers a spectacular opportunity to sell significant diamond jewelry to people who already are thinking about a diamond. It also offers a reason to buy for those who have put off a diamond purchase.

The diamond you sell today was around for the last millennium and will be here for the next one. Remember the romance and find your customers their piece of forever.

  DPS Millennium Resources

To maximize the unique opportunity the millennium presents for diamond sales, you must act now! To help you plan and execute marketing and training programs, DPS has prepared the DPS Millennium Management Resource Guide, which introduces selling strategies, includes an outline of marketing options and materials, and covers how to train sales associates. An accompanying video is designed to boost associates' enthusiasm for millennium diamond sales opportunities.

To order this and other education, marketing and advertising material, call DPS at (212) 210-7653.

Diane Warga-Arias is the education expert for the Diamond Promotion Service.

Copyright © 1999 by Bond Communications.


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