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August 1999



Team up with another local business to expand your customer base

To expand your market share, consider cosponsoring a promotion with a business in your community that has a different product but similar types of customers (a bridal salon or wedding photographer, for instance). An article in Say It Better!, a marketing newsletter, suggests several ways to run a successful cross-promotion:

  • Offer discounts or special services if customers buy products from both you and your partner. Give gift certificates for your partner's services to customers who spend a certain amount.
  • Advertise each other's services in your stores – on receipts, brochures dropped in shopping bags and countertop signs.
  • Combine mailing lists for joint postcard mailings.
  • Produce a joint in-store event, splashier than one you could produce on your own.
  • Encourage salespeople to mention your partner's product and the benefits of your partnership.

– by Stacey King

Copyright © 1999 by Bond Communications.


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