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August 1999


Melting Pot

Younger consumers are used to an array of influences in their media

'Think cultural sushi," advises marketing expert DeeDee Gordon about marketing to the new consumers branded Gen X and Gen Y.

"Future generations are going to be expert editors," Gordon told Fast Companymagazine. "They're dealing with so much that one of their basic life skills will involve scanning, sorting and editing lots of information." The stores, music and movies that target this audience package a range of eras, styles and cultures – retailer Urban Outfitters' blend of Asian and 1950s modern cosmopolitan styles, or musician Beck's meld of hip hop, blues, '60s rock and jazz.

Young people expect the same complexity and diversity to keep them on their toes in marketing, she says. You can do this in various ways: experiment with design eras in your ad layout, create themed window displays that mix estate pieces and modern designs, or spotlight culturally influenced jewelry (popular Indian styles, for instance).

– by Stacey King

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