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December 1999

Precious Metals & Bench: News


MAB Superfit and Christopher Designs team up to produce designer rings that adjust easily

In the growing market for adjustable rings, MAB Superfit, Havertown, PA, has teamed up with Christopher Slowinsky of Christopher Designs, New York City. Retailers now can offer a Christopher Designs ring with a Superfit adjustable shank already incorporated.
Traditionally, an adjustable ring is created after the sale when the retailer removes the existing shank and attaches a Superfit shank in a process known as retrofitting.

Christopher Designs' decision to incorporate the Superfit shanks comes a year after designer Jean François Albert of JFA Designs, Irvine, CA, introduced his own incorporated ring adjustment mechanism called Signature Fit (Professional Jeweler, January 1999, p. 58). Though they use different designs and concepts, Albert and Slowinsky recognize the adjustable ring concept is growing in popularity.

Consumer Acceptance

"The public is coming to accept Superfit as a better way to wear fine jewelry," says Gena Bruner Alulis of MAB Superfit. In fact, ads in Town & Country magazine giving only the company's fax number have resulted in a flood of requests, says Alulis. Superfit refers customers to the nearest jeweler who carries its product; the company doesn't sell directly to the public.

Along with its Christopher Designs partnership, Superfit developed a new model of opening shank for wedding bands and engagement rings. The reason, says Alulis, is the young bride doesn't want her rings sliding around on her finger if, like many people, her knuckle is larger than the rest of her finger. The ring will fit properly at the base.

The company also introduced a Superfit mounting with a 14mm shank that tapers to 6mm. It's in response to the continuing trend among top designers for wider ring styles.

Revisiting Retrofitting

Despite her interest in partnering with jewelry designers to create built-in ring adjustment options, Alulis says retrofitting remains a major use of Superfit shanks and mountings. Many jewelers have customers who've never been comfortable with rings because they don't fit correctly; Superfit allows the jeweler to offer any ring in his or her inventory with an assurance it will fit correctly, she says.

For people who are athletic or engage in strenuous work, swollen hands and fingers can make rings painful and sometimes almost impossible to get off. With Superfit, all the customer has to do is push the button on the shank mechanism and the ring comes right off.

Superfit is a good way to increase bench business and generate customer loyalty, says Alulis. When a customer brings in one ring to be sized, ask if he or she has others at home that would be more comfortable with an adjustable shank.

Features of the Superfit design include a push-button release that makes it easy to open, a low-profile latch that makes the finished ring snag-free and a dual safety latching system that clicks so the customer is confident the shank is closed securely.

  • MAB Superfit, Havertown, PA; (610) 449-4383, fax (610) 449-5304.

New adjustable shank wedding bands from MAB Superfit are designed with young brides in mind. The adjustable shank is activated by pushing in the button on the shanks shown in the top photo.

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