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The sea-life Motif has been part of jewelry design for centuries, from ancient Egypt (1900 B.C.) and China (1300 B.C.) to the present day, from costume to Cartier.

The momentum continues today, buoyed by a theme that's rich in character yet slightly whimsical in nature. "Who can resist a beautiful dolphin in all its purity or the strength of a crocodile?" asks Onofrio Demattia, president of Onofrio D'Oro, New York City.

Women who buy jewelry for themselves seem most interested in sea-life themes, say manufacturers. "The more mature, self-confident woman wants to buy a piece of jewelry that is unique but possesses a special meaning or memory," says Diane Vunic of Suna Bros., New York City. "This jewelry also has 'heirloomability.'"

Sea-life jewelry is often encrusted with pavé diamonds, suggesting water glistening on the creature's back, and sometimes is sprinkled with colored gemstone accents for added character.

Because sea-life jewelry is often lifelike in its three-dimensionality, display it on a rotating base so customers understand the full scope of each piece. Or create an environment to give a sense of reality.

Display frogs on leaves or in clusters. Show a fish or dolphin in sand with a waterfall in the background. Just be sure the jewelry, not the background, is what catches people's attention.

– by Lorraine M. Suermann


Pavé is the theme for this sea-life ensemble. The starfish earrings hold 1.05 carats and the pin has 1.16 carats of diamonds. The sea horse pin features a 7-pt. sapphire eye and 1.06 carats of diamonds. Each piece is crafted in 18k gold, and all diamonds are full cut. Suggested retail, $4,100 for the starfish earrings, $3,500 for the starfish pin and $3,850 for the sea horse pin.
Suna Bros., New York City; (212) 869-5670, fax (212) 869-5922.

This dolphin pin is crafted in electroplated brass with crystals and epoxy.
Krementz Gemstones, Providence, RI; (401) 943-2100, fax (401) 943-4230.

14k crocodile features 0.75 carat of diamonds and ruby eyes and nostrils. Suggested retail, $3,000. Also available in 18k gold.
Henry Dankner & Sons, New York City; (800) 258-0200 or (212) 944-8060, fax (212) 704-0627.

18k gold crab charm with 20 points of pavé diamonds sprinkled across its back hangs on an 18k gold neckwire. Suggested retail, $750.
Onofrio D'Oro, New York City; (212) 768-1395 or (212) 843-0601.

This lively 14k gold salamander brooch features a row of diamonds down its back and is part of a new collection. Suggested retail, $145.
Van Dell, Providence, RI; (800) 826-3355.

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