Four Classic Styles of Bracelets


Four Classic Styles of Bracelets

This is the first in a series of articles Professional Jeweleris presenting on different styles of jewelry. Learning about different styles, selling points and where they came from can make your job more interesting and profitable



Wide cylindrical band that tapers inward at the opening to hug the wrist. It can bend to adjust to wrist size. Cuffs slip on and off without clasps, making them easy to wear. "Cuffs make a dramatic simple statement," says Karen Lautanen, president of Zebra Design. They were crafted by the Incas (1000-1470) in the penannular form (ring with a space between the ends) and later showed up in the Byzantine empire and mid-18th century France, when women used them to keep gloves taut.
Sterling cuff bracelet with sandpaper finish by Helmut Klysch. Suggested retail, $190.
Zebra Design, Pittsburgh, PA; (412) 364-9446, fax (412) 364-6131.



 A slightly oval, non-flexible arm ornament that, if made properly, is light and won't bruise the wrist bone. "Bangles are versatile and go with everything," says Janet Yaseen, The Janet Yaseen Collection. Worn since the Iron Age (300 B.C.-100 B.C.), they were used as tokens of value in the 14th century. Today, they're worn alone or in multiples.
18k gold seed bangle, available in three sizes. Suggested retail, $2,010-$2,150.
The Janet Yaseen Collection, New York City; (212) 421-3390, fax (212) 486-2959.


 A link bracelet with an engravable plate. "Engraving a piece of jewelry turns it into a one-of-a-kind gift," says Lori Hartigan, product development manager for Sunstone Inc. Bearing the wearer's name and other basic data, this bracelet was originally made for military use. In the Fifties, they were considered the "going steady" piece of jewelry.
Sterling silver ID bracelet. Suggested retail, $24.
Sunstone Inc., Evanston, IL; (800) 323-5436 or (847) 328-6116, fax (847) 328-6194.



 Bracelet designed to suspend a number of decorative charms. Charms encompass all ages and encourage add-on sales too. People in the Victorian era believed charms could bring fortune or ward off evil. Now purely decorative, charms are bought to mark special moments. "It's a sentimental journey you can hold in your hand," says Christopher Lux, president of Rembrandt Charms.
14k kitchen-utensil charm bracelet is $165 suggested retail. Charms sold separately.
Rembrandt Charms, Buffalo, NY; (800) 828-7840, fax (800) 828-7811.

– Lorraine M. Suermann

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