Millennial Melting Pot

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Millennial Melting Pot

Apparel and jewelry styles take their cues from an array of eras

Every time period has a signature look – the Roaring '20s had flappers; the France of Louis XIV suffered men mincing about in heeled pumps while wearing wigs, face powder and rouge; even the Cro Magnons had a certain primitive je ne sais quoi. As our century careens to a close, however, style cues from eras past are popping up anew, creating a melange of styles to decipher and no one clear trend to follow, sell or accessorize – so keep your eyes open.

Go for Baroque
La Nouvelle Bague's latest catalog proclaims the ornate curlicues and symmetrical ornamentation of the Baroque period are back in something it dubs Neo-Baroque. There's certainly evidence in the company's jewelry, but also in fashion and interior design – from Christian La Croix's multihued suit to the timeless appeal of Murano glass (which, by the way, looks just as fabulous accenting Modernist interiors – a popular motif among the leading edge of Generation X as they settle into homes of their own).


Ode to a Grecian Dress
Toga-like drapes are found on evening dresses from designers such as Calvin Klein, Cynthia Rowley and Armani. Customers can wear ancient-inspired jewels with this style, but guide them toward a light touch – they don't want to create the casino-girl-at-Caesars-Palace effect. Other foils for these dresses are classic diamond and pearl jewels to play up the classic lines of the garment.







Groovy, Baby
Not since the heyday of "The Dating Game" has so much velvet been worn so many ways. Velvet apparel is worn with equal aplomb by women and men, creating a plush, shimmery backdrop for jewelry and watches across all price points. To play off the light-diffusing luster of velvet, recommend that your customers look at shiny metals – creating a hard counterpoint to the fabric's cushioning softness.

– by Liz Smutko




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