Gem Renaissance

January 1999

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Gem Renaissance

The future of colored gemstones looks bright and profitable for retailers well into the next millennium

Experts say gemstone jewelry will flourish in tandem with the dawn of the 21st century as customers continue to discover gemstones' beauty and jewelers tap into their salability.

Steady supplies and the increased attention of major mining companies to colored gems as a revenue source will contribute to this growth. This raises expectations for a gemstone revival not seen since the great jewelry houses focused on color early in this century.

Here's a quick look at how technology, artistry and uniqueness are making colored gems an ideal product for independent jewelers. Then turn the page for a look into the future by some of the industry's top color experts.

Advances in computer technology provide excellently faceted gems on scales that can stock large markets, so colored gems are more available to more jewelers than ever.

Technology also enables computer communication and new forms of marketing to take messages directly to consumers, sparking and increasing their interest in colored gems.

This century has placed great value on the artistry of gem cutting. The resulting innovation feeds jewelry designers and manufacturers, whose talents are combined with those of the cutter. You benefit from this creative revolution as your customers fall in love with well-cut gems in well-designed jewelry.

Why, then, are so many retailers still timid about colored gems?

Selling Color
Lack of knowledge about colored gems and fear of unstable treatments are major concerns for jewelers. But you'll find courses, seminars (see "Higher Education" on page 44 ) and articles in trade magazines that teach what you need to know to quell your fears.

Your reward: a jewelry category filled with romance that you can pass on to consumers, a story to tell about the rarity of gems mined across the U.S. and around the world, and a product with good margins because its uniqueness makes price-shopping harder than for many other jewelry store categories.

Invest in the Future
By making color significant in your store's product mix, say gem connoisseurs, you are investing in the future.

You'll find dozens of gemstones with which you can pepper your store's jewelry inventory. All of them can become profit centers, and you don't even have to wait for the turn of the century.


– by Robert Weldon, G.G.

Copyright © 1999 by Bond Communications.


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