Marketing the Millennium

January 1999

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Marketing the Millennium

The year 2000 marks the end of an era, not to mention an enormous opportunity for selling jewelry

Several jewelry manufacturers are set to unleash product lines designed to commemorate the passing of time.

International Bullion & Metal Brokers Inc., New York City, for example, is so bullish on the millennium's power to sell keepsake jewelry that it trademarked its new line the Millennium Jewelry Collection®. Numerous other companies offer – or plan to offer – precious metal jewelry related to the millennium also.

Trademarked Time
Two ancient symbols were combined to create the logo IBB stamps on every piece in its collection. The first symbol is four triangles representing the natural elements of earth, wind, fire and water. The second is two clasped hands reflecting the desire to go forward in peace and harmony.

Three lines reside under the Millennium name. The first comprises the millennium cross, wedding rings, other rings, pendants, charms, necklaces, bracelets and charm bracelets, charms and earrings in 14k and 18k gold and silver. The cross is a particularly important piece because the millennium marks 2,000 years after the birth of Christ. The second line is costume jewelry in base metals marketed to teenagers. While less expensive, it's stamped with the same markings as the pieces made in gold and silver.

The third, the Hallmark Collection, consists of higher-end crosses, rings, wedding rings and bracelets in 14k and 18k gold, platinum and silver. Each piece is stamped with the Millennium logo along with the English 2000 cross (the official British stamp for the millennium), the English lion and the karat mark. They are promoted as the "antiques of the future."

Every piece comes in a box bearing the symbols of the millennium with a certificate of authenticity and a written description of how that particular item relates to the millennium.

IBB obtained a registration number from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for The Millennium Jewelry Collection (Reg. No. 2,157,371). Registration numbers on the term "millennium" are held also by Alfred Dunhill Ltd., London, England (see "Trademarking the Millennium," p. 92).

A Look at the Numbers
Kenneth Walker of WalkerGroup/Designs in New York City trademarked 01-01-00 – a numeric symbol of the first day of 2000 – and is licensing it to manufacturers and designers. The mark will appear on a variety of products, including jewelry.

Michael Anthony Jewelers, Mt. Vernon, NY, is one the licensees of the 01-01-00 mark. Michael Anthony uses the mark on charms, bracelets, hearts, dog tags and necklaces in 14k gold, says Michele Wolk, vice president of merchandising. Michael Anthony also produces 14k gold jewelry with "2000" on it to highlight or commemorate such important events as births, weddings and birthdays. Many items are available now, and more will be introduced this year and next. The company also offers a 14k collection under the license Times Square 2000. All items retail for under $100.

Michael Anthony also plans to produce gold jewelry featuring a design called The Millennium Heart (trademark pending), in which two 2000s face each other so the twos form a heart. The design is owned and licensed by Andin International Inc., New York City, which will make diamond and gemstone jewelry using the heart (see photo). Look for the symbol from Andin in 14k anniversary bands, birthstone rings and a diamond collection retailing for $49 to $499.

Andin also offers the Millennium Heart Ribbon, a reproduction of the familiar AIDS ribbon in 14k goldplate and enamel, retailing for $15-$20. It produces 14k gold and combination 14k gold and silver electroform pieces incorporating the Millennium Heart retailing for $99-$299.

The Millennium Heart is licensed in sterling silver to Sunstone, Chicago, IL, in a retail price range of $20-$50, says Andin.

Andin licensed E. Gluck Corp., Long Island City, NY, to make watches using the Millennium Heart.

PAJ Inc., Dallas, TX, will market a line of jewelry celebrating the new millennium under the trademarks Collection 2000 and Collection 2000 ... and beyond. Joe Corso, director of marketing for PAJ, says the collections will be marketed in conjunction with the company's Brand Felix. Brand Felix, named for company President Felix Chen, distinguishes higher-end collections. Corso says the "and beyond" tag gives the pieces collectibility and marketability beyond 2000. They will debut early this year.

IBB, New York City, (212) 929-8800.

Michael Anthony Jewelers, Mt. Vernon, NY, (800) 966-8800 or (914) 699-0000.

Andin International Inc., New York City, (212) 886-6001.

Sunstone, Evanston, IL, (847) 328-6116.

PAJ Inc., Dallas, TX, (800) 527-1345 or (214) 688-0088.

E. Gluck, Long Island City, NY, (800) 937-0050 or (718) 784-0700.

IBB's Millennium Jewelry Collection® features rings as well as crosses, pendants, necklaces and charms.

Reversed "2000"s form a heart in the middle of this ring from Andin International Inc.


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