What Does it Mean?

January 1999

Precious Metals:Data & Statistics

What Does it Mean?

Gold Filled
Also called gold overlay, this describes a manufacturing process in which a layer of at least 10 karat gold is permanently bonded by heat and pressure to one or more surfaces of a support metal. Then it's rolled or drawn to a prescribed thickness. The karat gold must be at least 1/10 by weight of the total metal content.

Rolled Goldplate
With this technique, a layer of 10 karat gold or better is mechanically bonded to a base metal. The karat gold content may be less than 1/20, but it must be identified properly by weight in terms of total metal content.

This is a very specific – and often misunderstood – process in which gold that is at least 15 microinches thick is bonded to sterling silver by an electrolytic or mechanical process.

Gold Leaf
In this process, pure gold is pounded into sheets then applied to other surfaces by hand. It's usually about 3 microinches thick.

Source: The Gold Institute, Washington, DC; (202) 835-0185, www.goldinstitute.com.

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