Unmasking the Flaws

July 1999

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Unmasking the Flaws

Not many people, including some gem dealers, know what emeralds look like naturally because most get some degree of enhancement at the source. For this reason, Arthur Groom & Co., an emerald dealer based in New York City, advises showing consumers a natural emerald and fully disclosing enhanced counterparts.

In this photo, Groom found what he says are comparably included emeralds – before and after enhancement with his Groom-Gematrat filler. Though not all emeralds accept enhancement the same way, these examples reflect the way average emeralds accept it.


These emeralds contain comparable light inclusions and will look similar after enhancement. The enhancement is much less dramatic here than with heavily included emeralds. Groom expects prices for emeralds with relatively few inclusions and lighter enhancement to rise.


The change is more dramatic in these emeralds, which have comparable moderate inclusions.

The most dramatic change occurs in emeralds with significant surface-reaching fissures. The classification system Groom is developing will indicate that despite the improved appearance, these emeralds have a lower value because of the inclusions.

Emeralds courtesy of Arthur Groom & Co., New York City.


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