Cut the Clatter

July 1999


Cut the Clatter

Eliminate the noisemakers

The collaborative noises that surround you in a business day can be stressful, distracting and tiresome to you and your customers. Some of the noise – traffic or fountains in malls – can't be helped, but Grid/3 International, a retail architecture and design company in New York City, suggests a few ways to reduce the store noise levels.

Phone conversations create distractions when salespeople make calls near the sales floor. Grid/3 suggests adding acoustic screens around desks close to the sales floor and in the office area. The partitions must be at least 65 inches high to be effective. Also move the fax machine to a place where employees and customers can't hear it ringing and clacking all day.

Consider the materials used in the surfaces of your store, the company suggests. Sound bounces off tile, marble, wood and other hard surfaces. Add carpet or rugs to absorb sound, or install sound-absorbent tile on the ceilings. Upholstered walls and draperies also help solve the problem.

– by Stacey King

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