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June 1999

For Your Staff:Selling Earrings To Fit The Face

Heads Up

When it comes to earrings, what's flattering on one face shape can be frightful on another – learn the difference and your customers will flock to you

by Calla Gold

There are right earrings and wrong earrings for every occasion and every woman. There are earrings for work, the opera and the party Saturday night. There are casual earrings to wear around the house and go to the grocery store. With the right earrings, a casually dressed woman can seem elegant or sophisticated.

But forget the occasion for a moment and help your customer find earrings to complement her face shape. Consider the geometry of her face and what will accentuate her good features. The texture and the color of the earrings should work with the cut and color of her hair.

All these considerations are important and, as a jewelry sales professional, you should know which earring shape should adorn which women. Check the illustrations for guidelines.

Skin Deep
Along with the shape of the face, consider the condition of the skin – no matter how much sunscreen, lotion and potion is applied, skin changes with age.

Small, flat, smooth-surface earrings show off sleek, youthful complexions, though textured styles are perfectly acceptable.

Older women should wear larger earrings. They should avoid smooth "designless" looks, which call attention to imperfect skin. Draw attention to the overall beauty with the use of bigger, bolder, more colorful jewelry.


Triangular Face
Small circular, large oval or long earrings soften the planes and lines of this shape. Earrings that flare at the bottom and are curvy are especially good. For a chiseled angular face, avoid earrings that come to a point ­ these call attention to a pointy chin.


Oval Face
Wear earrings to widen and balance this pretty face shape. Hoops, large ovals or three-dimensional puffed earrings are examples. Avoid long, narrow and dangling earrings as they can create a too-long look. With shorter hair, pearl studs and round gem earrings can be complimentary also.

Long and Thin Face
Circular, triangular (with the point up) and square earrings visually widen this face shape, adding balance to the vertical orientation. Three-dimensional earrings are effective because they add fullness. Try to avoid flat earrings or ones that dangle.


Wide Face
Large earrings balance the shape of this face. Long earrings that flare at the bottom, long earrings or large oval shapes can all work. Flat earrings are better than three-dimensional ones. On fuller fleshier faces, large angular earrings that make a statement can look great. Avoid hoop, circular and short, triangular earrings.


Round Face
Big earrings bring balance to the shape of the round face. Angular earrings create a dramatic juxtaposition to the curves. Wide dangling earrings are good. Earrings that lengthen can be effective too. Reject tiny earrings. Wear bold earring jackets with studs.

Calla Gold owns Calla Gold Jewelry, Santa Barbara, CA. She consults with jewelers and is writing a book about becoming a personal jeweler. Contact her at (805) 963-4157, Gold1of3@aol.

Illustrations by Lori Harmon

Copyright © 1999 by Bond Communications.


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