Tips for Success

June 1999

For Your Staff:Selling Skills

Tips for Success

Take a step back and look at everything that goes into selling jewelry well

It's so easy to get caught up in details on the sales floor – from making sure the cases are clean and the jewelry displays look good to changing the register tape – that sometimes the bigger picture gets lost. It helps to get a pep talk or a coaching session. The next time you feel yourself getting bogged down in the details, reread these tips from a pro: Susan Jacques, president and CEO of Borsheim's in Omaha, NE.

Borsheim's calls itself the largest jewelry store in America and is among the most successful. Jacques shared some of the concepts that have led to that success at a recent meeting of the Women's Jewelry Association Northern California Chapter.

Career Objectives

  • Get the customer to believe in you, to trust in you. You've got to build confidence and loyalty.
  • Knowledge is power. Educate yourselves, read trade publications, take courses, attend trade shows and learn all you can. When vendors come into your store, take time to learn from them. Learn your business and the products. She explained that when she was a sales associate at Borsheim's, she took every single piece of merchandise from the counter, polished it, examined it, then put it back.
  • Know your customers. Become the expert. There's a wealth of knowledge available. Use the Internet – your customers do. The Internet will become dominant in our industry.
  • Set high standards for yourself in honesty and integrity.

On the Sales Floor

  • Keep an upbeat attitude.
  • Know your inventory, every single piece.
  • Listen to your customers and hear what they're saying.
  • Create a desire to buy. Romance the piece.
  • Preselect items. Have specific items in various price points in mind before a customer ever enters the store. Then when a customer wants something in that range, you can go right to it.
  • Ask for add-on sales. They're already in the store.
  • Ask who else is on their gift list.
  • Set personal goals, both the number of items you want to sell and the dollar amount.
  • Keep a smile, as difficult as it may be sometimes.

    – by Jack Heeger

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