Fingers Made for Walking

June 1999


Fingers Made for Walking

Get the most from your Yellow Pages listing

The Internet and CD-ROMs may offer information in slick packaging, but Americans still turn to the Yellow Pageswhen they want to learn more about local businesses.

Free to every telephone subscriber, the Yellow Pagesare a familiar, friendly, no-frills tool for consumers. According to an article in The J Report,the Jewelers of America newsletter, a survey shows 58% of consumers use the pages just before they make a buying decision, and 93% go on to contact at least one of the listed businesses.

To capture consumers' attention, therefore, dedicate part of your advertising budget to Yellow Pagesspace and design an eye-catching display ad. Larry Small, vice president of marketing services at the Yellow Pages Publishers Association, offers these tips:

  • Use type size variations or highlights with reverse type to draw the reader's eye directly to the phone number.
  • Identify the feature of your business that sets you apart and use it to write your headline. Make headlines funny, bold or a question.
  • Include details customers need to know: location, hours, parking availability and store credit.
  • Contrast your ad's border by using a different weight than other ads on the page. (Use a thin border if the others are thick.) Break the border with illustrations for visual interest.
  • Use color illustrations (more realistic than black and white) to show products and services. The illustrations should point toward the ad's type.

– by Stacey King

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