Top 10 Reasons To Shop at Your Store

June 1999


Top 10 Reasons To Shop at Your Store

Teach your sales associates to be ready when a customer raises the big question

By Christine Anzell & Jack Levenson

Many jewelers carry a lot of the same merchandise and charge the same prices. Most accept the same credit cards and offer similar pretty gift boxes and wrap. When we shop the competition, the contest for the jewelry store with the prettiest wallpaper, carpeting or lighting usually ends in a tie.

It's no wonder customers ask "Why should I shop in your store?"

What can we do to make ourselves stand out? When it's time to ask for the sale and the customer says, "I really like it but I want to look elsewhere before I decide," what can we say? What can we encourage our sales associates to say that will convince the customer he or she need not shop further?

Overcoming this objection is not as difficult as you might think. Remember customers probably don't want to go to another store and begin this process all over again. What they really want is to find a comfort level with making the purchase at your store. They want a reason to buy. They want an answer to give Aunt Harriet when she asks, "You bought it where?" They want to be able to respond when their golfing buddy says, "Why didn't you ask me? My friend has a cousin who has a brother-in-law whose neighbor's accountant could have gotten it for you at slightly above wholesale!"

Yes, a 0.97-ct. VS2/H brilliant cut is a 0.97 VS2/H brilliant cut and a Seiko ST123 is a Seiko ST123 regardless of where you buy it. But today's customer knows there's more to life than price. The key word today is value. What will customers get for their money besides the diamond or watch? What can they tell their coworker – or their own conscience – about why they bought it from you?

Here's what we suggest (and this is a valuable exercise for you to assign your sales associates). Design a David Letterman-type "Top 10 List" of reasons to shop at your store. Begin with No. 10 and count down to No. 1. You'll be amazed at how many justifications you can create.

To get you started, see the list at right for the fictional Anzell & Levenson Jewelers; take some cues from this then customize it to suit your business. When finished, your list can be enlarged to poster size, framed and hung in a spot highly visible to your associates. That way, they'll always have answers at the ready when a customer asks, "Why should I buy it here?"

Christine Anzell and Jack Levenson have spent a combined half-century in fine jewelry retail. For information about their copyright jewelry-specificClient Record Keeping Book orSales Training Manual,call them at (800) 887-8902, fax them at (954) 217-7065 or e-mail them at

Buy at Anzell & Levenson Jewelers

10. Third-generation family-owned company in business over 50 years.

9. Regularly travel to New York City and overseas to buy direct and get the best prices.

8. Vast assortment of the finest diamonds, gemstones, gold and watches.

7. Availability of convenient credit.

6. One-year layaway with minimal deposit and no carrying charges.

5. Generous exchange policy; all items guaranteed.

4. Lifetime trade-in privilege.

3. Graduate gemologist, master goldsmith and watchmaker on premises.

2. Company promotes ethics, integrity, honesty and consumer protection through membership in numerous local and national trade organizations as well as supports its sales associates in their ongoing education.

And the No. 1 Reason to buy your jewelry at Anzell & Levenson Jewelers*:

1. Passionate, personable people providing professional product knowledge and customer service!

* Regardless of your Reasons 10 through 2, Reason 1 should always be the same.

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