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May 1999

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Simply Sapphire

The beauty and versatility of this exquisite gemstone make it an ideal choice for all types of jewelry

Ancient Persians Believed a sapphire's reflection turned the heavens blue. Today, we know this magnificently versatile gemstone comes in a variety of colors, including violet, green, yellow, orange, pink and purple.

After blue, yellow seems to be the most sought-after color today. Most people can wear yellow, and it complements the neutral fashion palette that dominates the apparel industry. "In the area of fancy colored sapphire, we do 60% of our business in yellow and the rest in pink," says Craiger Drake, vice president of Craig Drake, Philadelphia, PA.

Color isn't sapphire's only attraction. It's one of nature's most durable gems, registering 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. In addition, the color becomes more intense in well-cut sapphires, especially in smaller sizes.

Sapphire symbolizes sincerity and faithfulness, making it a unique choice for engagement rings. The three-stone engagement ring with dark blue sapphire center is a favorite among sophisticated consumers (Professional Jeweler,February 1999, p. 120). The sapphire also is an amulet for Taurus, the birthstone for September and a traditional gift for the fifth and 45th wedding anniversaries.

Most sapphires are enhanced in some way. If a sapphire is enhanced, take the opportunity to educate your customers about it (Professional Jeweler, August 1998, p. 133). Also educate them about the different colors of sapphire. Because most consumers have heard of yellow diamonds but not yellow sapphires, don't display the two together.

For a colorful and inexpensive way to draw attention to your sapphire showcase, follow Craiger Drake's example. He calls his collection Candy Sapphires and uses the same color candy to match the sapphires in his display.

– by Lorraine M. Suermann

This ensemble features a rainbow of sapphires set in 18k gold and platinum. Necklace contains 22.26 carats of blue sapphires, 41.48 carats of yellow sapphires, 20.46 carats of pink sapphires and 7.35 carats of diamonds (suggested retail, $12,300). Bracelet contains 48.57 carats of yellow sapphires, 28.06 carats of blue sapphires, 15.48 carats of pink sapphires and 5.55 carats of diamonds ($96,000). Brooch on the left contains 18.71 carats of yellow sapphires and 1.19 carats of diamonds ($130,000). Brooch on the right contains a 3.7-ct. blue sapphire center, 11 carats of smaller blue sapphires and 13.45 carats of diamonds ($101,000). Earrings have 4.56 carats of blue sapphires, 4.24 carats of yellow sapphires, 2.26 carats of pink sapphires and 4.68 carats of diamonds ($39,500).
Oscar Heyman & Bros. Inc., New York City; (212) 593-0400, fax (212) 759-8612.

In the ring at top right, a 2.93-ct. blue Ceylon sapphire is guarded by two oval diamonds weighing 1.12 carats and set in handmade platinum mountings. The "Lady Di" ring to the left features a 2.58-ct. Ceylon sapphire surrounded by 12 round diamonds weighing 0.82 carat.
Kimberley Diamond Co., a division of H.C. Kionka & Co., New York City; (800) 223-4104 or (212) 227-3155, fax (212) 791-7731.

14k gold ring contains a 1.76-ct. oval yellow sapphire surrounded by channel-set yellow and blue princess-cut sapphires (2.99-ct. total weight). Suggested retail, $5,195.
G.J. Designs, Sarasota, FL; (941) 951-6658, fax (941) 365-2577.

Baguette sapphire ring with bezel-set side diamonds is from the Bassali Color Ring Collection. Also available with emerald or tanzanite. Suggested retail, $600-$680.
D&A Bassali, New York City; (212) 730-8223, fax (212) 730-2898.
7mm x 5mm blue sapphire is highlighted by two small diamonds set in 14k white gold. Suggested retail, $260.
A&Z Hayward, East Providence, RI; (401) 438-0550.

 Hand-fabricated 18k gold Torus ring features granulation swirling around a 2.58-ct. orange sapphire (patented cut by Glenn Lehrer) topped with a 0.05-ct. diamond and surrounded by 1.21 carats of mandarin garnets.
Kent Raible Jewelry, Tiburon, CA; (415) 389-8885, fax (415) 389-0305.

The 1999 Candy Sapphires collection features a necklace and earrings with balls of pink sapphires set in 18k rose gold, yellow sapphires in 18k yellow gold and diamonds in 18k white gold. The suite totals 9.32 carats of sapphires and 0.85 carat of diamonds. Suggested retail, $5,231 (necklace) and $4,160 (earrings).
Craig Drake, Philadelphia, PA; (215) 568-2330, fax (215) 564-0579.


Four years of collecting sapphires from eight countries was just part of the labor in these princess-cut rainbow sapphire bracelets. Each bracelet features an 18k gold channel setting. Also available in platinum. Keystone, $5,600-$17,000.
Mayfield's Inc., Scottsdale, AZ; (888) 860-6634.

This one-of-a-kind ring and bracelet set features natural pink and blue sapphires in 18k gold. Baguette diamonds accent the ring, while round diamonds accent the bracelet links.
Barnett Robinson Inc., New York City; (800) 223-0240 or (212) 682-1086, fax (212) 862-1848.

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