Ham Radio

May 1999


Ham Radio

Make your message urgent and build listener recognition in on-air spots

It may have been the invention of a simpler era, but radio is still as relevant and influential today. Small-business owners rely on the medium for its affordable air time and the ability to define listener demographics based on programming formats.

Radio waves also are far-reaching: they are heard by 97.7% of people ages 25 to 54 each week, according to Retail Strategies,a newsletter by American Express. Furthermore, 63% of adults in the same age category listen to radio within one hour of making their largest purchase of the day. The newsletter suggests tips for seizing such potential in your radio advertising:

  • Get your name out. Mention your store's name at least three times in a 30-second spot and four times in a 60-second spot, and use the same slogan or jingle in every commercial to reinforce your brand.
  • Use strategic repetition. Run your ads in short "flights" (brief periods of days or weeks), and repeat a spot at least three times. Reinforce your radio ads with another medium – print is especially effective coupled with radio.
  • Be scientific. Compare your store's typical customer with a radio station's demographics before choosing where to air ads, and track response by advertising special products and measuring sales.
  • Say it loud and clear. Make your message urgent and discuss your product's strong points, describing items in detail to make up for the audio-only format.
  • Make a deal. Ask the ad sales department if the station offers specials or discounts on air time.

– Stacey King

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