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May 1999

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Selling Terms

New behind the watch counter? Here are the ABC's

Know your chronograph from your chronometer? In this new monthly series, we define basic watch terms from A to Z. It's our reminder that product knowledge is a key ingredient to successful watch sales. All terms can be found in The Complete Guide to Watch Distribution and Service,available from the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, Rochelle Park, NJ; (201) 291-8811, www.fhusa .com.

Analog Display: When time is displayed by hands rotating on a marked dial.

Automatic or Self-Winding: A mechanical timepiece that's wound by wrist motion. This motion makes a rotor pivot around a staff connected to the mainspring through a gearing. A clutch mechanism prevents overwinding.

Bezel: The ring that surrounds the watch face and holds the crystal in place. It can be stationary or rotating and can have special functions, such as indicating minutes on a diver watch.

Calendar: The device that shows the date, day of week, month and/or year. The display can be digital or analog.

Chronograph: A stopwatch that measures continuous or discontinuous time intervals. It can be started, stopped and reset at will with push buttons. When used with specialized scales or subdials, it can perform many functions (see Professional Jeweler,May 1998 p.106), including tachometer, telemeter and pulsimeter. Different from a chronometer.

Chronometer: A timepiece movement that received a certificate after passing stringent tests under varied temperatures and positions. The most renowned test organization is COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres).

Crown: The button on the outside of the watch case used to adjust day, date and other functions. On a hand-wound watch, it's also used to wind the mainspring and is called the winding stem.

Crystal: The "glass" cover of the watch. It can be made of glass crystal, mineral crystal or sapphire crystal. It's often treated on both sides to minimize reflections.

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