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November 1999

Diamonds: News


Internal graining found in 75% of the batch studied

Most of the 900 GE POL diamonds the Gemological Institute of America has studied are Type IIa fancy shapes of high color and clarity with a somewhat hazy appearance, GIA President William E. Boyajian said at the Israeli polished diamond marketing conference in Tel Aviv in September. Boyajian said GIA found internal graining in three-quarters of the diamonds.

Boyajian's report is the most detailed yet about diamonds that have been color-altered using a proprietary process developed by General Electric Co. Pegasus Overseas Ltd., a subsidiary of Lazare Kaplan International, introduced GE POL diamonds to the market this spring.

Some diamonds revealed surface-reaching cleavages or partially healed fractures and some minute included crystals with a somewhat altered appearance, Boyajian said. These features are not typical of D- to G-color diamonds and are subtle, Boyajian later told Professional Jeweler, but definitely present.

"The GE process involves careful selection of certain high-purity and high-clarity stones," he said. The active part of the process involves high temperature and high pressure conditions, he said.

by Robert Weldon, G.G.

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