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November 1999

Gemstones & Pearls: News

Trick? It's Definitely a Treat

Look long enough at a late October moon and you're bound to see things. Ditto for this 5-ct. Brazilian citrine quartz with deeply entrenched iron oxide stains. Ghosts and ghouls cavort through this gemstone.

In the pictured inset, a human-like figure clings to a mountainside, bellowing out in frustration. Behind stumbles an eerie mascot: a three-legged creature with a long neck and horns. Both are immobilized as a soft rain begins to fall.

What you're actually seeing in the citrine are fissures into which iron-rich waters seeped over many centuries. The staining of the quartz grew deeper over the millennia, creating the unusual patterns you can see now. The "rain" is simply a colorless, reflective fissure captured by the light – perhaps of the moon.

by Robert Weldon, G.G.

Copyright © 1999 by Bond Communications.


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