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November 1999


Don't Tread on Me

Give your carpets some TLC

A steady parade of customers will march across your floors in the next two months, dragging in evidence of the soggy, muddy or snowy weather. An article in Retail Operations & Construction magazine suggests preventive measures and a vigilant maintenance program to keep your carpets in shape through the storm.

First, trace traffic patterns through your store and identify "heavy soil" zones – entrances, congestion points such as doorways and stairwells, and lanes between showcases. Lay mats at the entrance to catch dirt before it reaches the carpet.

Vacuum heavy-traffic areas every day, medium-traffic areas twice a week and light-traffic areas once or twice a week, using the proper vacuum equipment – a heavy-duty, wide-track works well for open, high-traffic areas, while an upright with hoses and attachments will do for tighter places.

When the holiday punch at your customer reception becomes a nasty red spill on your carpet, immediately blot the area with a clean white absorbent towel, fully absorbing the spilled substance. Keep a professional spot-removal kit in the store – these include several kinds of cleaners and application materials. If you entertain with food and drink often in your store, invest in a lightweight portable extractor to clean wet spills.

Schedule a professional cleaning every six to 12 months in high-traffic areas and, if needed, monthly in heavy soil zones.

by Stacey King

Copyright © 1999 by Bond Communications.


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