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November 1999


An M.O. on P.O.P.

Give shoppers a reason to stop and look

Only one-quarter to one-third of point-of-purchase displays attract attention in a retail store, and when they do, consumers spend only about 30 seconds studying them, says an article in
P-O-P Times. To be successful, your method of operation for P.O.P. displays must impact consumers visually, involve them quickly, be relevant to their personal lives and deliver a fast, accurate message.

It's important to coordinate P.O.P. (including signs, sales tools and product packaging) with your overall brand and marketing strategy. This allows consumers to see your display's message in the context of your company's message or brand, which they already recognize.

Also consider the major senses required to best appreciate your merchandise. For cookies, obviously, the important sense is taste. By extension, your advertising copy should include tantalizing words and pictures that make your consumers' mouths water. Jewelry is more visual, so lush imagery is effective. Consider the different demographics of the people who will see your displays and try to compromise with words and images that appeal to the majority of them.

Make the displays as easy as possible to understand, the article suggests. Avoid dense copy or vertical text, which is too hard and takes too long to read. Don't promote complicated promotions either; even if they generate interest, people may not take the time to get involved.

by Stacey King

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