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November 1999

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Teen Angles

Generation Y discovers jewelry. Take a look at your future customers' design interests

Just because you don't see many teens shopping in jewelry stores, don't assume they forego jewelry. Generation Y is the most jewelry-besotted generation since the Baby Boom – girls and boys. These new consumers are clearly reacting to Gen X's minimalism and choose jewelry to express personality and point-of-view.

It's no surprise the first jewelry advocacy group to pick up on Gen Y's tastes is the Silver Information Center of the Silver Trust International, New York City. Silver has always been the most popular jewelry metal for teens, and Generation Y is no exception. The difference is they have more to spend than previous teen generations.

Though Gen Y still buys primarily from youth-oriented retailers, teens will graduate to fine jewelry stores as their incomes increase. Gen Y's tastes already influence fine jewelry designers, who have found inspiration in the metal-bead necklaces, open-link chains and butterfly motifs these kids love.

Among other design trends SIC notes:

  • High Tech. Anything digital – from watches to circuitry-etched bracelet designs – appeals to this generation.
  • American Indian. Beads and turquoise are the main attraction.
  • Hippie. Gen Y is attracted to Indian and Asian motifs, hoop and chandelier earrings and bangles.
  • Mysticism. Crosses, amulets, charms and personal message jewelry are the designs to watch.
  • Dress Up. Teens are choosing chokers, heart and floral motifs and hair jewelry as preferred styles.

Open link chains, drop earrings and nature motifs are among the favored designs of Generation Y.

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