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October 1999

For Your Staff: Selling Jewelry Styles

Classic Styles in Pins

This is fifth in a series of articles Professional Jeweler is presenting on different styles of jewelry. Learning about different styles, selling points and where they came from can make your job more interesting and profitable

– by Lorraine M. Suermann


A collection of small pins of varying sizes placed randomly. 18k gold star stud pins with diamond accents are $390– $950
suggested retail. The Janet Yaseen Collection, New York City; (212) 421– 3390, fax (212) 486– 2959.


A horizontal bar with decoration or gemstones along its length or with gemstones or a decorative motif at the center and gemstones at the ends. 18k gold twist bar pin with diamond accents. Somos Creations, Valley Cottage, NY; (914) 269– 4004, fax (914) 268– 0634.


A pin inserted vertically into a lapel, necktie or scarf. The top is traditionally ornamental, either a gemstone or representational object, such as an enamel or precious metal animal. The pin was originally created in the 18th century with a zigzag grooving to prevent slipping. Stick pins made in the 19th century usually have a few twists in the pin about two– thirds of the way from the bottom. 18k gold stick pin is topped with a 14.20– ct. citrine carved by Sherris Cottier Shank for Gemscapes. Pin features a clutch clasp. Suggested retail, $900. Barbara Berk Designs, Foster City, CA: (650) 349– 4137, fax (650) 349– 4042.


An ornamental clasp with an attached pin for affixing to a garment, hat, hood, turban or sleeve. Used as a fastener or just for decoration. The brooch, which may be any shape, evolved from the safety pin form. Sterling silver and crystal brooch. Vintage Creations, Freehold, NJ; (732) 780– 3993.

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