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October 1999

Gemstones & Pearls: New Products

Ring Around

Attractive and distinctive, these once unwanted pearls offer many selling advantages

No one knows for sure why ridges form on circle pearls, though some speculate it's because the oyster spins the pearl in only one direction. (Professional Jeweler, September 1999, p. 46).

Regardless of the reason, the irregularities can be used as a selling advantage, says Jeffery Pratt of Jeffery Pratt Fine Jewelry Inc., Dallas, TX. Consumers gravitate toward natural things. Because these pearls aren't perfectly round, the irregularities bestow a natural look. Prices are reasonable also, another powerful incentive.

Officially, a circled Tahitian pearl is semibaroque with rings perpendicular to the axis covering more than a third of the pearl's surface.

To promote the gems, Perles de Tahiti launched its "Circle of Love" promotion in April at the Basel Show in Switzerland. Another well– known pearl marketer, Mikimoto, recognizes the beauty and originality of these pearls in its new advertising campaign, which features a woman wearing a strand of black circle pearls.

by Lorraine M. Suermann

Tahitian cultured pearl necklaces in station or solitaire styles. All pearls come on a gold neckwire. Perles de Tahiti for Rolot Et Le Masson, Paris, France; (33– 689) 450– 303, fax (33– 689) 450– 450, gie@tahiti– blackpearls.com.
10mm– 11mm black Tahitian pearls set in 18k gold feature diamond accents in this earring/pendant set. The goldwork imitates the rings in each pearl. Suggested retail, $3,300 for the earrings, $2,200 for the pendant. Jeffery Pratt Fine Jewelry Inc., Dallas, TX; (800) 606– 9764.
18k white gold and diamond earrings feature Utopia branded pearls. Each pearl comes with a certificate from the Gemological Institute of America. Chimento Corp., Miami, FL; (800) 854– 0122 or (305) 372– 8025, fax (305) 372– 5071, jewels@chimento.com, www.chimento.com.
Gold beads flank a Tahitian cultured pearl on this gold neckwire. Rambaud, Paris, France; (33– 148) 243– 450, fax (33– 145) 230– 686, www.rambaud.fr.
Harlequin bracelet and necklace are crafted in sterling silver and feature cultured freshwater circle pearls. Suggested retail, $300 for the bracelet, $600 for the necklace. Allison Stern, San Francisco, CA (415) 252– 0303, fax (415) 252– 9518.
Tahitian cultured pearl hangs from a gold neckwire. Golay Buchel, New York City; (212) 221– 8234, fax (212) 221– 6876.

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