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October 1999

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Generation Gap

Generation X is growing older and wiser and has more discretionary income

It's undeniable Gen X consumers have different fashion tastes than the older Baby Boom generation. A yearning for simplicity, an ironic playfulness and a sophisticated eye for design are hallmarks of this up– and– coming generation of jewelry buyers.

The Tous line, designed by Rosa Tous and her two Gen X daughters, Rosa and Marta Tous, aims to please. The company's experience in Spain and the rest of Europe, where the line is avidly collected by younger consumers, demonstrates the Tous family is on to something.

Available in gold and silver at average retail prices of $500 and $150, Tous jewelry has a U.S. base in Walnut Creek, CA, where it has a fashionable boutique and operates its U.S. distribution. The company touts its styles as impulse buys for upscale women. The strategy: hook the Gen– X woman on its brand while she's still forming her style sense and have a customer for life. For the jewelry retailer, pleasing a younger customer buying her first fine jewelry is a key to the future.

  • Tous, Walnut Creek, CA; (925) 280– 5444, e mail

Peggy Jo Donahue

Simplicity forms the basis of the Tous Oval collection.
The Tous Mediterranean Collection is playful and nautical
Avant garde necklace features white metal, open links and gray pearls, all of which appeal to Gen X customers

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