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October 1999

Timepieces: Data & Statistics

Selling Terms, Part VI

We conclude our series on timepiece definitions as a teaching tool for new sales associates and a review for longtimers

This is the final part of a monthly series that began in May on basic watch terminology. It's our reminder product knowledge is a key ingredient to successful watch sales. All terms are found in The Complete Guide to Watch Distribution and Service, available from the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, Rochelle Park, NJ; (201) 291– 8811,

Unidirectional Rotating Bezel: An elapsed– time rotating bezel, often found on diver watches, that moves only counterclockwise to prevent a diver who unwittingly knocks the bezel off its original position from miscalculating the remaining air supply.

Water Resistance: The ability to keep water from penetrating a watch case. The rating "water resistant" inscribed on the watch means it can withstand rain. "Water resistant to (a number of) atmospheres" or "water resistant to (a number of) meters or feet" means it can be worn underwater to varying depths (Professional Jeweler, June 1999, p. 114, and July 1999, p. 64).

Winding Stem: Also called the crown, this button on the right side of the watch case is used to wind the mainspring.

World Time or GMT Dial: A watch that tells time in up to 24 time zones. The zones often are represented by the names of cities printed on the dial or the rotating bezel. To read the hour in any zone at a glance, simply rotate the bezel to position the local time zone in front of the hour hand. The hour in any other zone can be read off the dial by looking at the name of the city located in that zone. (If only numbers are on the bezel, a second 24– hour hand will simply point to GMT). Minutes are read as normal.


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