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September 1999

Diamonds: New Products

Staying in Shape

Diamond cutters use imagination to satisfy the hunger for something different

It's all in the marketing. De Beers Has Put squares and ovals in front of consumers' eyes for the past two years and guess what? Yup, these are the shapes jewelry connoisseurs ask for today.

"When it comes to fancy shapes, the creation of awareness helps," says David Levine, vice president of William Levine Fine Jewelers LLC, Chicago, IL. The same is true of princess and radiant cuts, says Eve Goldberg, vice president of marketing and sales at William Goldberg Diamond Corp., New York City.

Along with awareness comes education. "You can't sell fancy shapes like a round diamond," says Goldberg. You should be knowledgeable about the cut, its price and its availability, say Goldberg and Levine. For example, many consumers have never had a chance to see how an oval, square or rectangular diamond looks on their fingers, on their ears or against their necklines. Give them that chance. Encourage them to look at a diamond's shape and depth. And while they analyze the diamond, tell a story about the cut. For example, the Ashoka™ cut, a modified antique cushion cut, is named for Buddhist warrior-emperor Ashoka Maurya and, when translated, means removal of sorrow. Knowing something like this about a cut adds excitement and romance to a customer's shopping experience.

When displaying fancy shapes, less is more. Limit the display to a few beautiful pieces so each one reflects the artistry of the cutter, the craftsmanship of the metalsmith and the sophistication of your store.

by Lorraine M. Suermann

Platinum clip earrings contain 1.21 carats of brilliant-cut diamonds with two briolette-cut diamonds weighing 2.87 carats. Suggested retail, $14,000. Matching necklace features 18.68 carats of briolette diamonds and 16.27 carats of brilliant diamonds. Suggested retail, $110,000. William Levine Fine Jewels LLC, Chicago, IL; (800) LEVINES or (312) 236-3700, fax (312) 580-7470,
Pendant features a 30-ct. fancy intense yellow briolette diamond capped with fancy intense pink round brilliant-cut diamonds in 18k pink gold. Codiam Inc., New York City; (212) 840-1484.
 Rings (from left) feature 0.70 carat of trilliant diamonds and 0.75 carat of baguettes set in platinum ($5,000 suggested retail for the semimount), 2.25 carats of tapered baguettes in 18k gold ($11,500) and 1.25 carats of emerald-cut and 0.40 carat of trilliant diamonds in 18k gold ($8,400). The diamonds are F-G/VS. Mr. Baguette, New York City; (800) 598-3456 or (212) 758-1300, fax (212) 758-1573.

14k white gold rings with octagonal diamonds are from the Flanders Diamond Collection. They can accommodate any size center stone and are available also in yellow gold or platinum. National Diamond Syndicate Inc., Chicago, IL; (800) 621-5057 or (312) 782-0365, fax (312) 782-4553.
18k white gold star pendants sparkle with kite-cut diamonds. The five-point star accommodates 0.50-ct. or larger diamonds; the six-point star accommodates 1-ct. or larger. Diamonds are G-H/VS and pendants are available in platinum or yellow gold. The five-point pendants start at $3,600 suggested retail, the six-points at $7,000. 18 Karati, Los Angeles, CA; (213) 623-8854, fax (213) 622-7613.
18k gold and platinum ring features a 2.20-ct. natural fancy intense yellow orange marquise diamond flanked by two F/VS2 trilliant diamonds. Suggested retail, $84,000. Henry Meyer Diamond Co. Inc., New York City;
(800) TOP-ROCK or (212) 644-1114, fax (212) 755-0371.
This platinum necklace showcases a 10.63-ct. pear-shaped center diamond. Traveling up the necklace in graduating sizes are 45.46 carats of pear-shaped diamonds and 19.30 carats of marquise diamonds. Oscar Heyman & Bros.
Inc., New York City; (212) 593-0400, fax (212) 759-8612.
Platinum earrings and matching pendant contain kite-cut diamonds arranged in a star pattern. The earrings feature 0.64 carat and the pendant, 0.61 carat of diamonds. The earrings are $2,600 keystone and the pendant, $3,150.
Perrier Gems International Inc., New York City; (212) 826-6688.
1-ct. natural color champagne trillion diamond is set in platinum and designed by Whitney Boin. Suggested retail, $5,000. Cedar Diamond Co., New York City; (212) 819-0150, fax (212) 719-1860,,
Estate bracelet features about 40 carats of baguette diamonds set in platinum.Siyance, New York City; (800) 875-4701 or (212) 354-9055, fax (212) 302-6896.
Ashoka™ ring features a 5.12-ct. D/I-F center diamond and two Ashoka side diamonds weighing 4.14 carats set in platinum. William Goldberg Diamond Corp., New York City; (212) 980-4343, fax (212) 980-6120.

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