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September 1999


Young Love

Gen Y discovers romance

If you think the young consumer is a lost cause, think again. Look beyond the body piercings and you'll find the late-teens-and-early-20s crowd is idealistic and conservative when it comes to love and marriage, more so than their Generation X predecessors and especially more than their Boomer parents, says an article in American Demographics magazine.

The Gen Y profile: They want to get married young, and they place a priority on staying together for life. Fewer want to live together before marriage. They're reviving the traditional wedding ceremony – long white dress and a church full of people. (The difference is many pay for the weddings themselves and they make the celebrations very personal.) They also place family on the same priority level as career, which these days means many will take advantage of home offices.

They may sound old-fashioned, but beware of marketing to them in an old-fashioned way, the article says. Ads featuring "the husband, wife, two kids and the white picket fence" won't work with this crowd – they like tradition, but they're not traditional.

– by Stacey King

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