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September 1999

Professional Insider: Trend Spotting

Must-See Jewelry

Television and movies play a larger role than ever in setting styles embraced by the public

Remember the Y-necklace? The dainty jewelry style was fanned into a fashion must-have by appearances on the necks of Gen X sweethearts on TV's "Friends" and "Beverly Hills 90210." The Tin Cup necklace (named for the movie in which it first appeared) launched the pearl station necklace boom. These were happy accidents, and there's no question an appearance on a hot TV show or movie can elevate a simple piece of jewelry into a style-setter.

"What people wear on prime-time greatly influences how customers wear their clothes," Kenneth Dowling, vice president of corporate relations at Neiman Marcus, tells Elle magazine. Spotting and keeping up with these trends requires nothing more than a discerning eye and trigger-finger on the remote.

Ones to Watch

"Friends" showcases accessible fashion and jewelry suited for twenty- and thirtysomethings. HBO's "Sex and the City," set in New York City, dresses its characters in ahead-of-the-curve sophisticated style. Star Sarah Jessica Parker's character sports a cheap '70s-era charm necklace – the kind with a name in script – the show's stylist found at a flea market. The same kind of necklace is now seen on the streets, playfully adorning the necks of women who can clearly afford better jewelry. On the big screen, look for jewelry to get a workout in Albert Brooks' The Muse. Sharon Stone, the titular muse, is draped in jewelry from Christian Dior and Tiffany & Co.

Perhaps the best media source for jewelers to see fashionable jewelry worn in a customer-friendly way is NBC's "Today" show. Host Katie Couric's jewelry is always current, tasteful and coordinated. Oh, and you'll get the news and weather too.

Lisa Kudrow wears a chunky variation of the Y-necklace and is pictured with a silver and turquoise necklace, Sharon Stone wears a pearl collar by Christian Dior.

– by Liz Smutko

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