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April 2000

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Crystal Cures

Gems as alternative medicine

Gemstones can make you feel better, and not just because you look good wearing them or benefit from selling them. The little known discipline of gem therapy suggests the administration of chromatic rays from colored gemstones will eliminate the symptoms of a wide range of physical ailments.

Marcella Saponaro, a doctor at the University of Pisa in Italy, speaks and writes about gem therapy in conjunction with another alternative discipline, floritherapy, which British homeopath Dr. Edward Bach started to develop in the 1930s.

Whether or not you’re a believer, it makes for interesting reading and gives you something to discuss with customers. This month, we start an occasional series looking at Bach’s 38 groups of symptoms and the plants he used to treat them, followed by the gems Saponaro suggests for the same symptoms.

Anxiety, Mental Torture

Plant treatment: Agrimony.

Gem treatments: Sapphire, which stimulates responsibility toward oneself; cat’s-eye, which brings mental clarity; amethyst, which stimulates a desire for realization; and amber, which raises the spirits.

Fear of the Unknown

Plant treatment: Aspen.

Gem treatments: Snowflake obsidian, which keeps us in the present; streaked blue agate, which relaxes the mind; and citrine, which reduces emotivity, protects us from environmental stress and cures kidney and bladder ailments.

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