Professional Jeweler Archive: Give Me More

April 2000


Give Me More

Young women want more from stores

If young women ran the retail world, some things would change. That’s what Mademoiselle magazine found when it surveyed women 18 to 34 about their shopping habits.

Of the respondents, 98% shop in department stores and 94% patronize specialty stores, spending about one-third of their shopping budgets in each. But the women identified many things these retailers can do to make consumers’ experiences more convenient and enjoyable. Of those responding to the survey:

  • 49% said they would redesign store layouts to “make it easier to find what I want quickly.”
  • 48% want to see more unique stores.
  • 48% want recommendations on best buys.
  • 41% would group products together to give shoppers ideas for what they need.
  • 38% desire lounge areas where they can meet friends.

– by Stacey King

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