Professional Jeweler Archive: Heard Online: Listening to Non-Believers

April 2000


Heard Online: Listening to Non-Believers

Don’t believe that your competition for customers comes from other products? Listen in

The following conversation was sparked on an Internet newsgroup ( when “Sapphire7” – a newly engaged participant – complained about the cost of engagement jewelry. Respondents strongly advised that she spend some or all of her money elsewhere. Practice how you would respond to such recommendations.

Jroyer: “My wife and I have been married 17 years and have never worn wedding rings. Take the money and put it toward a down payment on a house.”

Gidget: “Our everyday-wear wedding/commitment bands are designs tattooed on the ring fingers of our left hands. Cost: $65 each.”

Arnie: “On our silver wedding anniversary, [instead of buying jewelry] we took a cruise through the Caribbean. My favorite piece of literature is [by] Cyrano de Bergerac [who wrote] ‘I carry my adornments on my soul’ when asked why he wasn’t wearing jewels and frills.”

Real estate agents. Tattoo parlors. Cruise lines. All served as replacements for business that might otherwise have gone to a jeweler.

– by Mark E. Dixon

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